Dropshipping Delivery

We send all our shipments through Australia Post or by road freight courier services.
The majority of goods are located in our Melbourne warehouse in Australia and are dispatched the next working day after your payment is received. Our warehousing and dispatch systems combined with courier and eParcel (Australia Parcel Post) agreements ensure a speedy dispatch and delivery. Our systems keep you informed of your order status and delivery tracking, greatly increasing our customers' sense of security in the entire process.

Delivery usually takes between 1 and 5 days although longer delays can be expected for locations outside major metro areas.

Shipping rate tables

Many items are free delivery Australia-wide, in those cases you will not need to look up the shipping cost.
For other items shipping cost is calculated by looking up the ZONE for the delivery postcode in the ZONES data table, then looking up the RATES data table for delivery of the SKU to the ZONE.
Our shipping zones closely match the Australia Post shipping zones, with 16 different zones in Australia.
A shipping rate of "-1" indicates the item cannot be delivered to that location.
Our shipping ZONES and RATES data can be downloaded in CSV and JSON formats from our API:

Delivery Calculator (note: new URL as of June-2022)

As an alternative to using the shipping rate tables above you can use our API endpoint which will look up the price from the rate tables when you supply the SKU and Postcode. This is ideal if you can build in this into your web site checkout as you will always receive the correct rates rather then needing to update your rate tables.
The calculator returns a value of '-1' where the postcode is invalid or if the item cannot be delivered to that location.

Replace 'POSTCODE' and 'SKU' in the following URL:
POSTCODE = destination postcode
SKU = our SKU

Shopify Store Delivery

If you are using the Shopify Drop Ship It app to publish our products in your store you will not require any shipping calculation tables as the app will calculate the correct shipping price automatically in the Shopify checkout. You can see more details on our Shopify Integration page.