Shopify   Australian dropshipping for Shopify Stores

Dropsite now uses Drop-Ship-It ( for automated integration to Shopify stores...

Easily add drop shipping products

Easily Add Products

Drop-Ship-It allows you to easily add products from our extensive catalogue of 1000's products straight into your Shopify store in just a couple of clicks
Manage drop shipping stock

Manages Stock & Price Changes

Drop-Ship-It automatically adjusts sell prices and in & out of stock of our products on your store.
Drop shipping freight at checkout

Give Customers the best shipping

Drop-Ship-It's powerful shipping calculator will give your customers the best shipping rate based on their address for our products.

About Drop-Ship-It

Drop-Ship-It aims at making your job running a Shopify store easier for you, and allowing you to concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

With products added to your store through the Drop-Ship-It app, you no longer need to worry about:
  • Uploading images and descriptions
  • Inventory of your products
  • Changing prices when cost prices change
  • Giving your customers the best shipping price

Automate Inventory

When products come into or go out of stock in the Drop-Ship-It System, your store will be instantly updated to reflect that. You will never disappoint a customer by selling them an out of stock item again, or miss a sale because you haven't updated your store when a product is available again.

Automate Price Changes

If the cost price changes in the Drop-Ship-It system your store's sell price will be automatically updated based on your set margin, (with some rounding to make the price display cleaner). Never be caught again by selling a product with a low margin or underselling due to not tracking price drops.

Automate Shipping prices at checkout

With our shipping calculator enabled, we handle the logistics of getting your customer's purchase to them for the best possible price. You'll no longer have to concern yourself with worrying about charging too much or too little for shipping, just set the margin for the product sale price and we'll handle the shipping price for you automatically in checkout.

Sign up for Shopify drop shipping automation today..

The Drop-Ship-It Shopify app is free to install and has no ongoing monthly fees so if you run a Shopify store register for Shopify drop shipping automation at

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