Genuine Sony TV Remote Control - RMT-TX300E

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Genuine Sony TV Remote Control - RMT-TX300E
SKU: rmttx300e
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Tired of dealing with a lost or busted Sony remote? Take back control of your Sony TV! Don't bother with knock-offs and grab the real deal. This authentic Sony remote is the perfect replacement as no programming is necessary. Navigate menus, tweak settings and enjoy your favourite shows hassle-free.

This remote control is a genuine Sony product, just like the one originally supplied with your Sony Television.

This product is compatible with the following Sony Remote models:

KDL-32W600D, KDL-32W660E, KDL-40W650D, KDL-40W660E, KDL-43W660F, KDL-43W750D, KDL-49W660E, KDL-49W750D, KDL-50W660F, KDL-55W650D, KD-43X7000E, KD-43X7000F, KD-43X7000G, KD-49X7000F, KD-49X7000E, KD-49X7000G, KD-55X7000E, KD-55X7000F, KD-55X7000G, KD-60X6700E, KD-65X7000E, KD-65X7000F, KD-65X7000G, KD-70X6700E, KDL32W600D, KDL32W660E, KDL40W650D, KDL40W660E, KDL43W660F, KDL43W750D, KDL49W660E, KDL49W750D, KDL50W660F, KDL55W650D, KD43X7000E, KD43X7000F, KD43X7000G, KD49X7000F, KD49X7000E, KD49X7000G, KD55X7000E, KD55X7000F, KD55X7000G, KD60X6700E, KD65X7000E, KD65X7000F, KD65X7000G, KD70X6700E, W600D, W650D, W660E, W660F, W750D, X67E, X7000E, X7000F, X7000G SERIES.


  • Genuine Sony product
  • Replacement for model RMT-TX300E, also known as RMTTX300E, 1-493-314-11, 149331411
  • No programming needed
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries


  • 1 x Sony Remote Control
SKU: rmttx300e