Tradesman 62cc Petrol Multi Tool Chainsaw Line Garden Trimmer - Gold

Tradesman 62cc Petrol Multi Tool Chainsaw Line Garden Trimmer - Gold

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Tradesman 62cc Petrol Multi Tool Chainsaw Line Garden Trimmer - Gold
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A heavy duty multi-tool that will keep all aspects of your garden in shape, from the weeds at your feet to the hedges around you and the tall tree limbs overhead, this is the only trimmer you will need to buy.

With it's 2-Stroke high capacity, high compression power this Yukon trimmer is tough enough for any job small or large.
Engine speed is easily controlled on the comfort-grip handle. The shoulder strap will relieve arm strain for those longer jobs, and the comfort grip extra handle will help further reduce operator fatigue.

Long reach hedge trimmer:
In just a few seconds this handy multi-tool converts to a double-sided pole hedge trimmer. Featuring a rotating head this pole trimmer will cope with any angle, all sides, and top of your hedges, trees and shrubs.

Extended limb pruning:
This unit also quickly converts into a long-reach pruning saw for high branches and limbs.
Forget the danger of climbing up ladders to reach those overhanging limbs, this pruner attachment will cut through green limbs and branches up to 10cm thick like a hot knife through butter.
This is ideal to keep your larger trees in shape, or remove branches overhanging the fence. It's also ideal for trimming palms, a job that usually takes half an hour can now be done in about a minute !

Double-Cut Reversible Blade:
Left your cleanup a little late?
The steel brush-cutter blade is ideal for tougher weeds and overgrown areas.
This 3-point blade will rip through weeds, reeds, thistle and overgrown long grass like a professional heavy duty slasher.
If you ever happen to wear this brush-cutter blade to a blunt edge simply flip it over!
Each point is sharpened on both sides so it can cut whichever way it is installed, doubling the time between sharpens!

Bump-Feed line trimmer:
This sale comes with a traditional 2-line bump-feed head, idea for trimming long grass, garden weeds and lawn edges.

Bonus tools and safety kit:
This trimmer is supplied with a maintenance tool kit including a flat / philips screwdriver, three hex allen keys, a double open-ended spanner , and a spark plug socket. Also included is a 3 piece safety kit including earmuffs, safety goggles, and a heavy duty pair of leather gardening gloves.


  • High Power engine
  • Yukon 62cc 2-Stroke
  • Piston: dual ring high compression
  • Crank: Dual weighted low vibe
  • Max Engine RPM: 11,000
  • Easy-start with quick-carbi primer
  • Trigger throttle and kill switch


  • Brand:   Yukon
  • Power:   3.4hp / 2530W
  • Fuel Tank:   1.0L
  • Fuel Type:   ULP / 2-Stroke oil
  • Fuel Mix:   25:1

In The Box:

  • 1 x Engine assy and handle
  • 1 x Extension pole
  • 1 x Chainsaw attachment on pole
  • 1 x Hedge trimmer on pole
  • 1 x Bump feed trimmer on pole
  • 1 x 3-point brush-cutter blade
  • 1 x 2-point brush-cutter blade
  • 1 x Safety goggles
  • 1 x Earmuffs
  • 1 x Pair safety gloves
  • 1 x Fuel mixing / measurement bottle
  • 1 x Service Tool Kit
  • 1 x User Manual

SKU: gtm-t62-5n1-3