Fleecy Fully Fitted Heated Electric Blanket Double

Fleecy Fully Fitted Heated Electric Blanket Double

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Enjoy a warm and good nights sleep after a tiring day with the Dreamz Fitted Heated Blanket. This electric blanket comes with a 470GSM fleece top which provides extra warmth and luxurious sleeping comfort.

Featuring a dual-layer heating system (single layer for single size) and a soft fleece underlay. This heated blanket is perfect for those chilly winter nights.
3 Setting controller
Fully fitted electric blanket
Fleecy underlay
Dual controllers for individual sided heal levels
Equipped with Safety Overheat Protection
Machine washable

Material: Fleece Synthetic Wool
Power: 120W (2 x 60W), SAA plug
Voltage: 220-240V
Remote Control: Double Control (Single Size only has one)
Heat Setting: 20~52?
Double 203(L)x137(W)x45(H)cm

Care Instructions:
Do use as an under blanket. Do secure blanket to bed properly before use.
Do only clean this blanket as specified in the instruction book.
Do have this blanket repaired and/or tested by an authorized electrical agent. Do turn off and unplug when not in use.
Do not use as an over blanket. Do not use tucked in, folded, rucked, bunched up or creased.
Do not use with element or wired parts tucked in. Do not use it wet. Do not insert needles or pins into blanket.
Do not use with damaged element or cables. Not to be used by persons insensitive to heat and other very vulnerable persons who are unable to react to overheating.
Not to be used by very young children. Do not wash controller/s. Do not cover controller/s

Package Content:
1x Electric Blanket
1x User Manual

SKU: 69_bk1003-d-ac