50 Microwave Safe Plastic Container Lunch Box 1000ml

50 Microwave Safe Plastic Container Lunch Box 1000ml

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High-grade plastic to enhance its durability and flexibility.
Perfect complement to your new healthy lifestyle.
Microwaveable - Dishwasher safe - Stackable - Freezer safe - Designed to last - BPA free
Stackable for daily meal prep, Prepare your meals in advance and stack them in your fridge!
Amazing for portion control, Each container is perfectly portioned for your daily meals. Stay lean and train mean!
Keep your food fresh and safe from contamination with the bento box dividers / lunch containers.
Each compartment container keeps food contained to prevent sogginess and keep food long term.

Material: Plastic
Size: 3 Compartment (1000ml): 22x19.5x4.5cm

Package Content:
Food Containers x50

SKU: 69_af1114-50